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Monday, July 06, 2009

Vintage dresses, jewellery and accessories as far as the eye can see ....

Well, what a busy (and expensive) few days i've had. On Thursday we went to check out a new vintage dress supplyer and came away with bag loads of beautiful vintage dresses. Lots of fantastic vintage Seventies maxi dresses, some proper retro Eighties 'power' dresses, some darling vintage Fifties full-skirted dresses and even a few retro 1980s cat-suits, and vintage jackets ... oh... and some very cool vintage 1960s and 1980s leather jackets too!
Then on Saturday, I met up with a lady who supplies me with vintage jewellery, and bought some fabulous vintage 1930s Art Deco diamante rhinestone necklaces and bracelets. She had some other wonderful stuff too ..... so I wound up buying that too! So we got vintage powder compacts, accessories, brooches, jewellery sets, evening bags and more!
I'm, writting descriptions and taking pictures of these things this week, so they'll be coming in store within the next month.

This week I've added more new stock to the website. We do this on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays, and the items go into the New Arrivals department for about 1 week before going into their proper department, you can click the link on the right of this page, marked New Arrivals to go straight there, so now you know!

This week we have more antique mother of pearl shell handled butter knives and pickle forks - these are divine and look beautiful with antique or vintage mis-matched china and linen! More very pretty vintage 1930s hankys, in linen, silk and cotton. Come and see the Three beautiful antique Victorian evening purses, the bird one nearly didn't make, I almost kept it, I love it some much! We also added more vintage dresses - lots of different styles and eras. Finally, we're adding some homewares too - vintage glasses, dressing table items, kitchenalia and loads of other things too!
I think that's all for now ...

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