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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fun & Games and cake!

vintage childrens games
I have a love of vintage games. When I was little we'd have Sunday lunch with my Grandma & Grandpa and after lunch Grandpa would take a nap and to keep us occupied my Gran had a whole draw full of games. She'd set up the card table and get us started on the games and then after about 1/2 an hour she'd wheel in a trolley-load of cakes, buns and biscuits! In the good weather we'd be outside, surrounded by her beautiful gardens and in the winter snug in front of the fire... Bliss. THE perfect Sunday afternoon - cake and games! So when I find a vintage game, I find it's almost impossible to walk away.....
I found this great What is it? game and I was thinking haw easy it looked to play, but, some of the images are really hard to guess!

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