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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Busy Busy Busy!

Apparently there's no peace for the wicked... which makes me a very very wicked girl indeed! I'm not quite sure where the summer went really! Anyway, we've been putting lots of new dresses, jewellery and accessories into the online shop, so those departments are looking really full of wonderful vintage treasures! We've made a start on putting so more of the vintage homewares on to the site too, so they'll be coming online over the next month, along with more vintage jewellery and accessories.

The Amercians do have some amazing vintage clothing and accessories labels, such as Enid Collins and Whiting & Davis (the bag in the picture is a 1930's Whiting & Davis alu-mesh handbag, with Cream Bakelite frame and handle) and I do try and stock these, so this week I'm going to New York to source some more fantastic vintage handbags and evening bags, and whetever other vintage treasures I find! So watch this space!

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