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Friday, October 28, 2011


We buy and sell 1000's of button every year and they're one of my favourite things, I love rummaging through a button box, it calms me! A bit bit odd, but, there you go!

My husbands gran once said to me 'you'll never be poor if you've got a button box'. I'm not sure about the scientific or financial accuracy of her statement, but, the sentiment and thought is quite heart warming, especially in the current tricky financial climate.

Then I got to thinking about making do and mending (very now) and that buttons are great for making gifts, decorating bags, making jewellery and other cute bits and bobs. I also thought what a lovely gift in its own right a button box or even a sewing box is too!

So if you fancy buttoning up a perfect gift, here's an idea or two:

Recipe for a great gift: