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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Afloat on a Sea of Vintage Jewllery....

Vintage is really eco-friendly, it is recycling or even precycling at its very best, so I think it's a great business to work in. However, i have decided that we can do better and I have done a Carbon emission analysis for the business and found that we produce very low carbon emissions (v good!) and then I decided that it would be good to off-set the ones we do produce. And a couple of cups of tea and a the odd jammy dodger later and I decided that it would be even better if we off-set the carbon emission for all our products too, so we have off-set them too! So

I went to see Marie-Ann, this week (again). Marie-Ann is the lovely lady who searches the length and breadth of the UK for the beautiful vintage and antique jewellery and accessories that find their way to Steptoes Dog Vintage Wares. She has perfect taste and a good eye for a bargain and usually is the source of the very best of our vintage jewellery and accessories and she now fancies a trip to France, so we may well head over there togeather next year - hurrah! I LOVE French vintage (I lived in France for 4 years and couldn't afford anything other than vintage, so have a close personal relationship with it)! Anyway I digress. The upshot of my several lovely meetings with Marie-Ann other than trip planning is a huge range of truely delectable antique and vintage jewellery and accessories, which I've been lovingly slaving over and are now coming in store - so don't say you haven't been warned. Christmas is coming and the lovely pretty vintage things are starting to fly, so don't miss out! A breif rundown includes:
Antique amber necklaces
Antique Victorian Whitby Jet brooches & bracelets
Vintage Art Deco glass necklaces
Vintage Art Deco brooches
Vintage sterling silver bracelets and brooches
Vintage 1950s Norwegian enamel and Sterling Silver brooches
Antique Victorian glass and mother of pearl cufflinks
Vintage theatrical diamante rhinestone necklaces
and loads loads more......

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