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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

How To Sell Your Vintage Stuff For Free

We often get asked if we buy things from the public?  Yes, we do, but, not at the moment as we have loads and loads of stuff to put on our website - over 20,000 items - (yes really).
Anyway, I hate leaving people hanging, so here is what I suggest you do if you want to sell and you are fairly sure that you nothing massively valuable or collectable, but, vintage (over 20 years old) and perfectly saleable :

You could put them on ebay, there a lots of guides on the web on how to ebay and it will cost you money.
Alternatively, just follow the process that we would ask you to follow if we were interested in buying - it is really this simple.

1. Get your vintage stuff togeather - group like sized and similar objects and depending on how much you have, take a a pic or two with a digital camera or phone. Try to take a pic when the light is good and try to make your items as visable as possible - dark items on a light background and visa-versa.

2.  Make a list of your items. If there are loads then put down the amounts of types of items, such as 10 vintage necklaces, etc. If any of the items have significant flaws or damage make a note, as not doing so is dishonest and you could well lose a good deal.

3. Do a little research, using the internet, look up brand names on items, as this will tell you what you have and could even give an idea of value or desirability. You can also search for items and check out collectors sites and forums for more information and don't forget to check ebay to see if any thing similar is selling and at what price. Do be realistic though, just because someone has listed an item for a price, does not neccesarily mean it will sell for that or that a dealer will pay that - they have to earn a living too.

4. Go on the internet and do a Google search for Vintage Shops, and Vintage Dealers, try to get local ones from the Google places listing, as you can drop off the items or they could collect.  Get their contact details (email is quickest) and send them your list and photo and wait to see if you get any offers. You should aim to email at least 10 or more dealers to increase your chances of getting a good offer, if several come back with offers, see if any will better the best offer*.

*A cautionary note: if you find that one or more dealers seem very keen to buy (they keep increasing their offer), it may be that you have something that has a little more value or collectability than you thought and in which case you should also send the email to reputable auctioneers or other experts and ask them what it is likely to fetch at auction or for an idea of value. Be careful of selling at auctions as they will charge fees and VAT.

5. Once you have a deal you are happy with, check how the dealer wants to get the items from you, I usually ask for items to be sent through the post, well wrapped, by a recorded service (which we pay for). We usually recommend payment by Paypal as this offers protection to both parties. If you are going to deliver the items or ask the dealer to call to collect, then arrange an appointment and tell the dealer you will want paying in cash (they may need to go to the bank), for your personal safety have someone else with you.

6. Enjoy your well earned cash!

Please Note: This information has been obtained from a verity of sources and Steptoes Dog cannot be held responsible for its accuracy or for any adverse occurances, damage or injury resulting from its use.

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Thanks for reading, good luck with the selling!

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