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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Sarah's Top 10 Tips For Buying Vintage

I adore that feeling you get when you find that perfect piece for your home, wardrobe or, in my case, vintage shop. It's one that all of us vintage treasure hunters know and look forward too! I also hate that feeling of sheer unadulterated disapointment I get when the buying goes less than well.  So over the decades I've been buying, I've created a little list of Golden Rules that I follow, to make sure I get the spine tingling excitement rather than the muddy mood, when out and about buying!  Here they are......
1. If you see it and know you have got to have it, don't dither, just buy it.

2. Check it carefully for flaws or damage that might change your mind.
3. Find out the price.
4. If the price seems too good to be true, it may well be, so be VERY cautious and double check the item, making sure it is a genuine vintage or antique piece and not a fake of any kind and double check for flaws. If you're not sure, at all, then just walk away. (Unless you're happy to spend the money on a repro, fake or damaged item  - if you accept it as thus and like at that price see point 1!)
5. If you find that the item is too expensive or at the top of your budget, ask for the best price - there's often a deal to be done!
6. Ask questions and talk to the dealers. Building a relationship with dealers will get you better products, at a better price and more information on what you're buying.
7. If really want the item and can pretty much afford it, but, the price is still making you uncomfortable, walk away for a few minutes - get a bit of perspective and see if there's anything you like better. If you haven't changed your mind and the piece is still there when you get back then it was meant to be!
8. Always check the item again before handing over your cash - just to be sure.
9. Go to fairs and sales at the start and end, at the start all the best things are still there, but, you'll have to jostle with all the dealers. At the end the sellers are packing up and they'd rather sell something than take it home again, so they'll often do a good deal.
10. Always smile, be polite and friendly, it's amazing how well people react. I've had lots of free items and great discounts given to me because the vendor said I was the first person to smile at them that day! Finally enjoy!
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