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Monday, February 04, 2013

Make A Vintage Belt

Not only do I love buying and selling vintage things, but, I also love upcycling and making new things too.
With finances tight at present - if you're wanting to update your wardrobe, try a 'new' vintage tie belt, it looks lovely, is totally unique and and is recycled too.
This project is really easy and you need only the most basic of sewing skills - so I thought I'd share it with you...

1. You'll need an old or vintage men's tie and a small old or vintage buckle - this needs to be one that does not have a prong.
2. Loop the thin end of the tie round the central bar of the buckle and secure with a pin, making sure that the front of the buckle is showing on the front of the tie / belt.
3. Secure the thin end of the tie to the back with a few small, neat stitches and hey-presto you've got a 'new' vintage belt.
4. If you want a fuller looking belt, you could try using a long narrow vintage scarf or cravat....

 Good Luck & Enjoy
Sarah x.

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