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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Make DO and Mend Curtains ... no sewing, in under half an hour

I got a little bored the other evening and decided that my office window need a bit of a make over and I didn't have the time, money or inclination to go to Ikea.
So I decided to see what I could find at home to do the job. I do have form in this area, we have duvet covers at our lounge window and my daughters room has a two antique quilts for curtains.
Anyway, I found a 1960s quilt style bed cover, which was pretty worn in places, but still has loads of the ever-lovely vintage charm.  I cut the quilt cover in half, length-ways and threaded the short sides on to some net curtain wire, having made a small hole in the quilt lining on the uncut sides for the curtain wire loops. I found that by hanging the curtains with the cut sides to the outer edge of the window, you cannot see them, thus totally avoiding any sewing. So one Sixties quilt, some net curtain wire and 25 mins later and hey-presto here's my 'new' curtains.

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