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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Upcycled Crystal Blind & Light Pulls ....

In my travels I come across all kinds of beautiful antique and vintage bits and bobs, that I take home thinking happily to myself .....'i'll find a use for that, it's so pretty'.
Anyway I have finally found an actual USE for some of my bits and bobs! 
Being a little short in the leg I cann't really reach the Velux blind pulls in my bedroom and the bathroom string light pulls often provide tha same problem too - so i decided to make a blind pull.
I used a piece of 1930's Grograin ribbon and a very pretty antique Victorian crystal droplet that would have originally been on a chandelier to make mine.
If you can't find a crystal droplet, then you could string old beads onto a wire and tie them on to your light pull or attach them to your blind with some pretty ribbon.

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