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Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring is in the air!

Spring is in the air - it's official - my mum-in-law bought me some daffs the 1st of the year - lovely!
So time to Spring clean home heart & wardrobe.....
You may want to inject a spot of fresh air into your world, so here a my top tips:

1. Get everything out and try it on. Throw away old socks with holes and the like. For items you like but don't really wear - then try pairing them with items you wouldn't wear them with - such as: a long sleeve t-shirt, cardi or shrug under a summer dress, so it becomes a spring dress!
At we've got a big selection of vintage Lucite Bangles in lovely juciey Spring-time colours and lots of great vintage handbags, all perfect for adding a touch of Spring freshness to your wardrobe, without braking the bank!

2. Clean - do a little bit at a time - but do it well and start on one room - don't move on to anouther until it's finished and move through the house. Take plenty of tea brakes and keep the biccies handy! Wash cushion covers - it instantly brightens the room. Wash the windows and polish dry with newspaper it really shines them and it really works! Remove cobwebs with a feather duster - we've got a Black French Maid type feather duster at, it's perfect for hard to reach places and the sight of you with it may even put a little Spring Oh La la into your love life!

3. Go for a walk in the sunshine and smile. Hug those you love - even if it's the dog - in the dogs case, I recommed hugging before gong on a walk rather than after!
Buy yourself a treat - we've loads of lovely treats at both our stores some come & check them out! Happy Sringtime!

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