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Friday, September 06, 2013

Summer's not quite over .......

Well - the rain's come today and after all the lovely sunshine it feels like Autumn may be on it's way, but, hopefully we'll get a bit of an Indian Summer So here's a few bags that'll take your wadrobe from summer into Autumn at a gentle pace.

We sell loads of wonderful vintage handbags - here are my top five that I think will really rock your  wardrobe for Summer / Autumn 2013 .......
1. 1960s Straw tote with bamboo handles ...... it'll add instant colour and has pleanty of room.

2. Sleek Fassbender Lizard Skin Handbag - it's really elegant and if you are hankering after some colout, you can inject it by tying a bright scarf to the handle - it's very versatile.
3.  1950s Florida Beach Bag - why not do away with the handbag and get a totally relaxed look with this cute vintage 1950s beach bag, it's large enought to take all your essentials....
4. Sixties Cream Tapestry Fabric Handbag - a very pretty bag for Summer/ Autumn. Florals are still  trending for A/W 2013 and it's a good size too.
5.  1990's Rucksack - rucksacks and 90's fashions are bang on trend and this one is a cutie!
We've loads more and new arrivals all the time, check out all our vintage bags here.

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