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Friday, October 04, 2013

Love the vintage wardrobe - don't love the vintage pong!

If you keep clothes for a few years or you buy vintage clothes and accessories you'll have found that smells can develop.
Old and vintage clothes & accessories can develop a smell due a number or reasons and here's how to prevent them and how to deal with them if they do arise.
A smell can be present, but not neccesarily because something is dirty or has been badly stored (but, neither helps). All clothes and accessories can develop a smell over time, it can be from the materials it is made from, the item it's stored in, the air, or old perfume, cosmetic and washing powder traces, especially if an item is stored in a box, suitcase or other closed in space.
Firstly, always wash, clean and air items before storing them, this will remove any existing smells which may grow over time.
Store items in appropriate covers, pure cotton or linen or acid free tissue paper is best, old washed cotton sheets and pillow cases are great for storing clothes and accessories.
Store clothes and accessories in a wardrobe, with pleanty of room.
Get items out of storage regulally and air them in the fresh air (on a dry day) for a few hours, take them in before evening to avoid damp.
Don't store items in plastic as this can give off an odour and if items are sealed into plastic any humidity can start to mould.
Don't use moth balls or chemical insecticides - these really smell and they can stain fabric too - use a couple of lavendar bags to help keep moths and smells away.
If you find that a piece of clothing or an accessory has developed a smell try to air it out, this may take a few days, just hang it up outside if it's dry (bringing it inside in the evening to avoid damp) or inside on the back of a door in a warm room. Give the item a gentle shake every few hours and if the smell has not diminished after several days and the item can be washed (according to it's label) then wash it and if not then you will need to speak to a professional dry cleaner.
If a vintage hat or vintage bag has a smell that persists try putting a small bowl full of baking powder inside and leaving it for a few days - this should absorb the smell.
I hope this helps
Sarah x

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